Iron ore

CSN Mining has a comprehensive portfolio of high quality products:


Lump (50 mm - 6.3 mm)

Small iron ore blocks obtained after initial crushing and screening. Their large size allows for direct loading into a blast furnace.
The iron content of the CSN Mining lump feed usually exceeds 61%.

Sinter Feed (6.3 mm - 0.150 mm):

This is the most usual type of iron ore in the market. It is obtained at later stages of screening. In order to be fed into the blast furnace, the sinter feed must be agglomerated by and transformed into “sinter”.

The iron content of the CSN Mining sinter feed usually exceeds 63%.

Pellet Feed (<0.150mm):

The very fine iron ore product is obtained after the flotation process. In order to be used in the steelmaking process, it should be pelletized. At smaller percentages, it can also be blended into sinter feed and used at sintering units.

The iron content of the CSN Mining pellet feed usually exceeds 66%.

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Last update on November 20, 2020.

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