The Packaging Market Unit sells tin and chrome-coated metal sheets in addition to uncoated products. The main segment to which service is provided is packaging of chemicals and food, but also, in a smaller scale, to the manufacturers of batteries and frames, among others.

Learn about the benefits of steel packaging, which make all the difference when choosing a product:

  • It is inviolable;
  • It features a fully hermetic sealing system, which means no light, oxygen or micro-organisms can penetrate it;
  • It acts as a natural barrier against adverse elements;
  • It allows the product to maintain optimum consumption conditions for longer periods of time due to its physical and chemical barriers;
  • It may be autoclaved – in-packaging cooking and sterilization system which retains the functional and nutritional properties of food;
  • It allows for a high sterilization ratio;
  • It has high resistance to adverse conditions of transport and storage;
  • It is not flammable;
  • It is 100% recyclable and degradable;
  • It has a long experience curve, as it has been consumed globally for over two hundred years;
  • Products in steel packages do not require the use of chemical preservatives because, in addition to the autoclave system, there are physical and chemical barriers capable of keeping the aroma, nutritional properties and the natural flavor of food for longer periods of time.


The Brazilian Association of Steel Packaging was established in May 2003, aiming to strengthen the image of steel packaging, and providing technical and marketing support to its manufacturers. The entity, a nonprofit, invests and supports environmental management initiatives, particularly those associated with social purpose, and brings the interests of the entire production chain closer. The institution puts in great efforts to foster research, develop awareness campaigns, attend events and advertise the characteristics of steel cans.

Today, the Association brings together companies in the sector, intensely interacting with business entities, packaging manufacturers, environmental organizations and the government.

Learn more about ABEACO and the bloç, Health in a Can.

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Teaching the importance of recycling steel cans is the main objective of the Learning from Cans project, an initiative of Abeaço (Brazilian Association of Steel Packaging), which offers educational material on the site

The educational project also has itinerant action and teaches children and young people that a simple act such as buying food, paying special attention to the type of packaging, is an act of responsibility that can influence this and future generations. The proposed activities are conducted by monitors and deal with the origin, process and purpose of the packaging; the production chain of a can; conservation and food handling; the importance of packaging in the food industry; responsibility on the issue of waste and the importance of recycling.

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In the following infographic you can check the main applications of CSN steel in the product packaging.

Last update on November 20, 2020.

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