Essence, Mission, Vision and Values

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Fazer bem (Do it well)

  • We are the reference in what we do, always striving for operational excellence. We work with passion, care as owners and achieve consistent results with safety, quality and customer satisfaction.

Fazer mais (Do it more)

  • We do more with less; we are innovative and committed. We constantly seek to optimize the results and processes for continued and responsible growth.

Fazer para sempre (Do it forever)

  • Our learning is constant so that we can always act and aim towards building a sustainable future. This is our success.

Our Mission

Act in integrated and innovative fashion, generating perpetual and sustainable development.

Our Vision

To be the most respected and globally renowned national group, so as to strengthen what it means to be Brazilian.

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Our Values

  • Our path is that of respect for life, ethics and the planet.
  • Our focus is operational excellence.
  • Our solutions are innovative and integrated.
  • Our strength comes from people who make a difference.
  • Our pride is TO BELONG at CSN.

Last update on October 19, 2021.

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