Bylaws, Code and Policies

A word from our President

Today, CSN is a multinational company that is proud of its history and has confidence in its future. We’ve pursued a path of more than seven decades of continuous expansion and it is natural that we have gone through many changes. However, one thing never changed: our commitment to meet the highest of ethical standards. It has always been a company policy to conduct our activities with the highest degree of integrity and in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements in the countries where we operate.

Here, we present the policies and compliance standards, which, with our Code of Ethics, define the daily behavioral commitments to be undertaken by employees of CSN. They are basic principles and standards that guide our actions.

We ask that you please read them carefully.

Together we will continue to build a stronger company and to contribute to a better world.

Benjamin Steinbruch


CSN operates in a transparent and ethical manner towards employees, suppliers, customers and communities in which it operates, in full compliance with domestic and foreign laws applicable to its business.

Learn about the Bylaws of CSN and CSN Mineração (Portuguese Only).

Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy

The Code of Ethics of the group’s companies, in addition to meeting the standards of personal and professional conduct expected in our relationship with employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, communities, competitors and the environment, is also a statement of corporate conduct and the commitment of employees. Download here our Code of Ethics.

The Anti-Corruption Policy of CSN sets out the guidelines and the Company‘s commitments to combat all forms of fraud and corruption in accordance with the anti-corruption laws. Download here our Anti-Corruption Policy (NG1000.05).

Last update on February 8, 2024.

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