CSN began its cement operation in 2009 and, today, is among the sales leaders in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The new cement plant located in Arcos (MG) started operating in 2015, raising the company‘s installed capacity to 4.3 million tons per year.

The combination of blast furnace slag, resulting from the steelmaking process at Presidente Vargas Steelworks, and clinker, produced by the limestone mine in Arcos, transformed CSN into one of the most competitive cement players in the country. The synergy between our core businesses, an integrated logistics system and strategically located distribution centers enables us to offer a high quality service to the consumer market.

However, we want to go further. New projects in other regions of the country should increase the capacity of factories and expand the current portfolio of cements (CPII E 32, CPIII 32, CPIII 40 RS)

Production Process – Cement


Extraction of raw material

The limestone mine located in Arcos (MG) is responsible for supplying limestone for the production of clinker.

Crushing, grinding and homogenization

The limestone is mixed with clay and the compound is reduced to very small particles to obtain “raw meal”

Clinker Burning

At the plant in Arcos (MG), the raw meal is introduced into a pre-heating system to save energy. It is then taken to the rotary kiln at 1450 º C to produce clinker.


The clinker is ground with slag from blast furnaces and other components (gypsum, limestone or pozolona, according to the type of Portland cement)


CSN Cement is stored temporarily in silos.

Packing Plant

The last step of the cement production process consists of packing for further distribution.

Last update on November 20, 2020.

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