Sepetiba Tecon

One of the country‘s main container terminals, Sepetiba Tecon is located in Port of Itaguaí (RJ). Inaugurated in 1998, the terminal has more facilities, better services and higher capacity than the average national terminal, which makes it possible for it to become the ideal port for the concentration and distribution of loads in the South Atlantic.

By applying to its operations the one stop shop concept, where everything can be resolved locally, Sepetiba Tecon provides agility and competitive costs to the loading and unloading operations. Local bases belonging to Customs, Ministry of Agriculture and Health, Banco do Brasil and Santander Bank, allow for agile customs clearance procedures with seven daily parameterizations (five for export processes and two for import) at the Siscomex.

Set in a unique location, just 80 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro, Sepetiba Tecon is close to the most important economic and industrial centers of the country (accounting for 60% of the GDP) and at the convergence point of the main Brazilian highways. Also, it has railway and sea access, with an emphasis to the services provided by MRS, which allows for dynamic and cost-effective logistical operations

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Area and Equipment

Expansion Project

Consolidating its position as one of the most efficient national port complexes, Sepetiba Tecon plans to expand even further, increasing the flexibility of its operations with improvements in infrastructure, pier capacity and equipment.

One of the biggest investments will be expanding berths 302 and 303, which will add 1,070 m of loading bay and will allow the berthing of 14,000 TEUS ships simultaneously.

Useful Documents

General operation conditions Waiver of customs inspection De-unitization of containers De-unitization of containers with cross-docking Import load pickup authorization Commercial presentation


Providing high quality customer service is one of the main objectives of Sepetiba Tecon. To do so, we created SAC – Customer Service, a support area structured to meet the needs of integrated information and logistics processes managed by our terminal.

Main attributions of SAC:

  • File complaints and compliments
  • Address questions and requests
  • Check the process status of loading and unloading operations
  • Advise on access to Customer Portal functions

The customer service is available to all customers at 0800 024 6996 or

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Last update on March 17, 2023.

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