CSN Energia

CSN Energia was founded in October 1999 to continue the process of diversification of businesses that CSN underwent. In the energy sector, the Company has shares in two hydroelectric power plants (HPP Itá and HPP Igarapava) and owns both a thermoelectric central and a top turbine located at Presidente Vargas Steelworks in Volta Redonda.

The Thermal Cogeneration Central has an installed capacity of 235.2 MW with two generating units of 117.6 MW each. This unit is fueled by residual gases from steel production. Operation of the Top Recovery Turbine (TRT) began in 2014, adding 21 MW to the installed capacity of the Group. The TRT is located in Blast Furnace 3 of Presidente Vargas Steelworks and relies on gas outlet pressure for power generation.

The Company holds 29.5% of Itá Hydroelectric Power Plant (SC) indirectly, through the participation of 48.75% in ITASA, which corresponds to 427.75 MW of installed capacity in the plant. CSN also holds 17.9% of the Igarapava plant, corresponding to 37.5 MW of installed capacity.

Plants (technical sheets)

Last update on November 20, 2020.

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