CSN has development and innovation laboratories focused on prototyping and simulation processes.

The labs have advanced equipment and advanced features for metallic and non-metallic materials analysis. This enables microstructure studies of new steel products, raw materials, co-products, ore, cement, coal, coatings and metal alloys. Click here to learn more.

Research, Development and Innovation Center – RD&I

One of the great advantages of the CSN innovation management process is that it is structurally connected to the RD&I center.

CSN has a consolidated control system for research projects, development and technological innovation that allows for the use of tax incentives through Law 11,196/05 – “The Law of Good.”

The company also has technology cooperation agreements with universities, research centers and technology centers through activities that foster institutional, scientific, technological and innovation development, the dissemination of knowledge and professional training. To do so, it interacts with public and private, academic, research and sponsor entities, both domestically and abroad.

Applied Technical Development Center

Inside the CSN RD&I Center, the Applied Technical Development Center delivers new technologies and provides technical support to customers seeking lower costs and higher productivity in the steel chain through permanent exchange between suppliers, customers and CSN staff, a model called Open Innovation.

The company works in line with the latest trends in the market, able to provide its customers in various segments with innovative and economical solutions.

Sectors of consumption include metal packaging, where CSN can develop solutions from the project design to the prototype of the package.

Steel is an extremely versatile material, guaranteeing the quality of the products it packs, and it’s fully recyclable. In the packaging sector, it is used for food, paints/dyes/inks, oils, metal caps, chemicals, beverages, decorative tins, among others.

Last update on November 20, 2020.

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