Product Development

CSN Innovation Model

Aware that the strategic management of innovation allows for economic, technological, intellectual and social development, the company has its sustainable innovation model based on the Government – University – Industry relation.

With a trained staff and the use of Application Engineering technologies to support customers, the company seeks excellence in the testing and simulation of new materials, enabling a quicker response to the demands of the steel chain. CSN‘s search for new products, enhancements and solutions never ceases.

Application Engineering

With increased competitiveness and the emergence of new steel behavior analysis technologies in various manufacturing processes, CSN brought together its expertise in the management of co-engineering projects to generate value with a systemic methodology and last generation tools (numerical, experimental and prototyping simulation). Thus Application Engineering was born for CSN‘s products in order to help our customers get the best steel for each product.

In projects of the automotive, white line, packaging and civil construction segments, CSN promotes the use of steel and innovative manufacturing techniques, providing customers with reduced costs and increasing both competitiveness and productivity. In addition, it offers comprehensive support in all stages of production, from design, such as specification of the most suitable steel for final application, to the manufacturing process.

CSN‘s Application Engineering uses a modern methodology that creates value to both the service and the customer in order to reduce errors and rework in all development processes.

Last update on June 4, 2021.

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