Strategic Innovation Plan

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“Inova CSN” is an organizational environment that was created to facilitate product innovation projects and processes, as well as both energy and environmental efficiency, at all of the company‘s business units.

Raising funds in public and private agencies, Inova CSN already benefits the entire production chain. It connects the company to a technological and scientific development environment, on national and international scale, and creates innovative opportunities that generate aggregate value to the Company, customers and suppliers.

The Strategic CSN Innovation Plan is aligned to the guidelines of the FINEP Operational Policy, an organization that aims to raise the technological level of the national industrial park in order to enable it to overcome the ongoing challenges of the domestic and international markets. Learn more about FINEP here.

CSN faces the daily challenge of providing high quality service and astonishing the market with innovations.


On the application of FINEP resources at CSN.

Among the highlights of the Innovation Strategic Plan of CSN is the Innovation Project for Advanced High Strength Steel Products for Industrial Scale Application in the Automotive Industry. The goal is to reduce fuel consumption and environmental impacts.

The family of AHSS multiphase steels is the response the global steel industry came up with to meet the demand for materials using the methods of current production and also offer high mechanical strength with good formability, thus, fully meeting the requirements of industrial manufacturers, vehicle safety and mass/consumption fuel reduction.

The new polyphase AHSS steels can be classified into Ferrite-Bainite, dual-phase (biphasic), steels with transformation-induced deformation or TRIP-Transformation-Induced-Plasticity, Complex-phase steels (CP) and martensitic steels obtained in continuous production lines.

This way, the Strategic Plan for Product Innovation with Advanced steels at CSN is a pioneering innovation encompassing the development, commercial supply and provision of technical services for the application of steel in the automotive industry.

Last update on June 2, 2021.

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