Pre-painted steel is produced with the coil coating technology, which provides superior performance to the material as a result of the excellent pre-treatment process before painting and uniformity of the applied layer (primer and top coat).

In this process, the material is given a pre-treatment which includes full cleaning and the application of a sealant, ensuring the perfect adhesion of the paint to the steel and corrosion protection. Then, an accurately controlled application of primers and finish coats as well as decorative laminates and protective films provide high quality to product.

The pre-painted product can be purchased in coils or cut in slitters, sheets and blanks. The substrate can be galvanized, Galvalume or cold rolled. The product is available in various colors, always looking forward to cover the needs of our customers.

Pre-painted steel offers a number of advantages, including convenience and durability, according to the needs of each segment. Adding value to CSN’s product, the paint gives an excellent surface finish to the steel, ensuring formability, bringing longer life, quality, aesthetics and reliability.

It also reduces the need of investments and decreases the environmental risks associated with conventional painting line (post painting).


The typical layers of a coil coating paint system are outlined below:

  • Primer: Polyester or polyurethane (PU)-coating applied before the finish coat provides unequaled finish coating adhesion and corrosion protection to pre-painted material.
  • External Finish (Topcoat): It is the visible finishing coating in the color specified by the customer. Resin is used to ensure a pleasant look, quality and durability of the pre-painted steel.
  • Internal Finish (Backer / Monobacker / Flexbacker): It is the inner coating, for cases where the underside of the plate will be visible.
  • Pre-Treatment: Through degreasing, brushing and rinsing, the coils are prepared to receive the application of chemical conversion coatings.

Typical Properties

The table information represents the typical properties of CSN’s standard paint system. For other properties or values outside of this table, please consult CSN’s technical department. Coating properties should be described in the product specification and will be agreed in advance between the customer and CSN.

Typical properties of the standard paint system Civil Construction Home appliances
Properties Typical value Typical value
Primer thickness* 4 to 6 µm µm
Top finish thickness 18 to 22 µm µm
Color variation (by axis L, a, b) ± 0.5 ± 0.5
Brightness from 60º 40 ± 5 ub Minimum 80 ub
Hardness (minimum) F F
Bend Adhesion 2T 1T
Impact (minimum) 80 lb/pol 160 lb/pol
Cure Test 100 double friction 100 double friction
Q-UV 1000 h Non applicable
Salt Spray** 1000 h 500 h
Humidity 1000 h 500 h

Available Colors

p>CSN’s standard scale follows the international chart, RAL color, used worldwide and which ensures color consistency.

The main colors produced at CSN are:

RAL 9003
RAL 9010
RAL 1015
RAL 7040
RAL 9006
RAL 8012
RAL 6002
RAL 5010
RAL 5008
RAL 7035
CSN 025
CSN 027

CSN Steelcolors

This product was developed by CSN for application in architecture, design and visual communication; it is produced in pre-painted steel sheets for application to facades, interior decoration and signage, combining technology, shapes and colors. CSN Steelcolors uses the same production technology as CSN’s pre-painted steel, with the Galvalume steel substrates. This coating, obtained through continuous hot dipping galvanized process that provides double protection against corrosion, and ensures uniformity of thickness of the steel coat. After cleaning, degreasing and pre-treatment, it receives a continuous paint with polyester-based paint which features excellent flexibility and adhesion to metal. Furthermore, it has reasonable color retention and gloss. The standard thickness and plate dimensions are 0.65 mm and 1200x3000mm, respectively. CSN Steelcolors also has a protective film with UV resistance and arrows indicating the direction of the painting. The film can protect the plate until the time of installation of the construction.

Colors Available:

Below are the standard Steelcolors:

Silver Platinun CSN 029
White Ral 9003
Blue Ral 5010
Red Ral 3000

Special Colors (made to order)

For additional information about CSN Steelcolors, please go to the hotsite: .

Last update on June 2, 2021.

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